Friday, May 03, 2019

Affections Of A Worthy Woman


  1. Caveat: I think you need extra emphasis on the word “worthy”.

    A particularly devout young man at our church recently said it best, IMHO, when he said that when the devil attacks us, he does it through our women first. I dunno about devils and demons but I do know a thing or two about insidious ideologies and have first hand knowledge of the women that have fallen for them.

  2. Glen - At the risk of asking too much of someone that is not myself, I wonder if it is a fair statement to say that overall, romantic love has made this more difficult than ever? We have come to value emotions and "feelings" too highly.

    Were I ever to have to date or even marry again, I would be a very long time in giving my heart or my affections. I would want to intimately know the woman and her beliefs and feelings. It is not that I am ungrateful or feel I am unlucky now (I most certainly was not), but rather that given today's melange of beliefs and feelings, we could use concepts or words very differently. In that case, perhaps best to remain alone.


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