Thursday, June 21, 2018

Things And Things Of Value

This past weekend, on a whim, I went through my Amazon list to see what was on it and total things up.  The sum total of thing I have identified is somewhere around $550.  Which sounds like a lot, of course - until I considered over time the change in my income.  Which made me look at the larger list of things I want in general and figure out that for a not incredible sum of money, I could have all of them.

It is odd, really - I can remember a time where my material desires seemed to stretch as far as the horizon.  I wanted this, I wanted that - to explore, to try, to test, to enjoy.  But over time, the list becomes less and less, the things either less in amount but greater in value or simply not there at all.

The things I have come to value - solitude, freedom from having to do that which I do not enjoy, perhaps seeing places I have never been - are all thing which are really immaterial in manner and for which there is not really any "thing" to acquire.  But in point of fact they are coming to mean more and more to me.  And the money that was or could be spent on those things now represent the very sort of things that will allow me to acquire more of these new things of value.

A man can have enough books, enough swords, enough house, enough land.  What a man cannot have enough of - time, freedom - are almost suddenly revealed to be the greatest things of value that I never really considered.


  1. Agreed. Though some might disagree on enough books and whatever the weapon of choice is.

    Almost the weekend, where you can enjoy some time?
    God bless.

  2. Even for me at books at this point Linda, I may be close to reaching saturation. Or at least I am great deal more discerning about what I buy.

    Hopefully yes on the weekend. Some work to do, but hopefully I can minimize it to the morning of Saturday.

  3. It is a grand lesson to learn, that an increase in income can give you what it you truly need, like the freedom to do more of what you would like to do, rather than spending the extra money on carrying on living as you were. To use the money as a springboard to better things for yourself, but in a way which will benefit your emotional well being such that when you are on the last stretch of your life as a human being you will feel that you got value from the days of your life, that it was a life well spent.

    You have recognised that things such as books, swords, etc…. do not give you what you what you need, and by understanding this you will find that you have more time and freedom because you have unchained yourself from allowing commercialism to be part of your life. I, too, have learnt this lesson. It was a good one to learn.

  4. Definitely be more discerning in your books. To the point of thinning what you have -- though I think you mentioned you have done that in the past?
    I hope your weekend is enjoyable and dry -- unless you need rain!

  5. Vera - what a lovely and succinct way to express in two paragraphs what it took me a great deal longer to write. Thank you. It comforts me that you have learned the lesson as well - as I follow your writings, it gives me hope.


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