Friday, June 15, 2018

2018 Garlic

So the 2018 Garlic Harvest is in:

Garlic remains one of only two things (Jalapenos being the other one).  That I can grow.  For some reason, the heads are always small.  And there is never enough.

After cutting the stems:

There is a little more drying to do.

I never plant enough.  But any effort to decrease dependence on the system is worthwhile.


  1. I was thinking about harvesting our garlic tomorrow. We have grown about the same amount as you did, and I think the bulbs will be about the same size, but as you say..... they will give us produce which has never been 'in the system', and for that it is worth while to have grown them.

    I can see myself borrowing that last sentence of yours in the future, when I am amongst people who think we must be borderline insane to be pursuing the life of a smallholder, while all they do is sit by their swimming pools playing with their media generated stuff. In fact most people I come across think we are off our heads. Yes, I can see that last sentence of yours coming in very useful.

  2. I can't grow it here. Mine are always small, too, when they do grow.
    You have some garlic there to be proud of, TB.
    You and the Mrs. enjoy and have a blessed weekend!

  3. Great harvest TB!! Congrats! Ours are still green, not quite ready yet, but I'm so excited to see what they look like. Mama Pea, one of our blogging friends, from A Home Grown Journal, told me that cutting the scapes down when they start to curl before they dry up, will make the bulbs grow bigger so I'm going to try that this year!

  4. Thank you Vera. You always have the kindest, best words. And I truly do believe that comment - anything I can do to decrease my dependency on the system, be it as silly as growing small garlic or as countercultural as providing my own entertainment instead of relying on someone else to entertain me, is worthwhile.

  5. Thank you Linda! I just wish I knew what was causing them to be so small.

  6. Thank you Rain. I will have to try that next year - we are in the hot season now, so no garlic until fall again.


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