Thursday, June 07, 2018

Summer Is Here

We are now into the full force of summer.

I do not know how summer is where you are.  Here, it is hot.  Hot and humid.  Stupid hot and rather foolishly humid.

Our "typical" summer day seems to run somewhere between 95 and 102 F (32 to 38 C) and around 40-50% humidity (but as high as 60%).   Unlike the places where I have grown up and lived, there are no pleasant breezes to move the hot air at night:  it can be 90 F at 2100 and "cools" down to around 70 F/21 C at 0600 - but unfortunately, the humidity seems to actually go up so the cool part of the morning for aerobic sorts of things simply does not exist.

It certainly changes how you do things.

Essentially, I try to wrap up anything I want or need to do outdoors by 1000 or delay it until 1900.  The direct sun is either not completely up or has sunk low enough in the sky to make the heat manageable for doing other activities.  And drinking enough water simply does not seem possible.

Once - not too long after I moved and before the family joined me - I took a hike during the height of the day during the hottest summer on record.  I managed to give myself a form of heat exhaustion; I never made that mistake again.

On the bright side, sun for the garden is not really a problem.


  1. Where I live, it'll sometimes get to 117*. The humidity is basement-low, but heat is heat. the sun heats up the ground all day, and ground radiates it out all night long. It never really cools. Even with shade screen, the veggie garden cringes under that heat. The only place I've felt hotter was in Miami, where the temps would be in the mid-90's, and the humidity would be about the same!

  2. Pete, that I recall I have been in 111 F one time. It was so hot we all just stayed in the cool dark. My understanding from folks that live in the Southwest US where this is a regular occurrence is that you do everything before 0800 or after 2000.

    I have been in Florida once or twice in the summer. It was...undesirable.

  3. Sounds like here in Louisiana, TB.
    Oh, I have done the heat stroke thing. And almost did it a second time!
    Not fun at all.

    Be safe and God bless. Have a wonderful, blessed weekend, too!

  4. Thank you Linda. And yes, not fun at all.


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