Friday, March 16, 2018

Guest Posting: Acts 2 Ministries

Today's post is actually a re-direct to my friend GPS at Acts 2 Ministries.  I have known him for...hmm....35 years?  36?  (Hard to tell at this point and probably not all that relevant).

He has written a pretty powerful commentary on the potential for the Rapture in the not too distant future.  As I often have pretty strong feelings about the end of society as we know it and the end of the world, I feel that I should pass it along to your attention as well.

Yes, I understand we are not to set dates (and he acknowledges this as well) and if July comes, my belief will not be shaken.  But he writes with a passion about being saved that I believe needs to be shared.

(Full disclosure:  I am a pre-millinial pre-tribulation believer.  So this is right up my belief alley).

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