Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Winter Projects

So Winter seems like it is pretty much upon us.  My trips for the year are all done; nothing left to do but plan projects between here and February.

The garden is done for the year.  Garlic, onions, wheat, barley, spinach, leeks and lettuce are planted.  A little variation in how the planting was done and a lot less than I have done in years before (but more manageable, I think).  Citrus Trees to move in soon.

Cheese is on the agenda of course.  Now that throwing season is over I have my weekends back - not that you need a whole weekend to make cheese, but you need to be available at very specific times in making it.  So some experimentation there.

I suspect that (finally) cleaning the garage may become a thing this year.  Progress has already been made, and with the fancy new insulated garage door things are almost comfortable in there during the winter.  I would love to say the initial goal is to make space to at least fit in one of the cars, but let us just begin with "more organized and less stuff".

Lifting, of course. It is off season so plenty of that.  And Iai - but that is a daily practice.

And?  Not sure what fills in the blank here.  Writing should be largely done and budgeting...well, there is only so much you can do twice a month.  Reading, to be sure.  And I am seeing more going through things I own, more reviewing, more (dare I say it) downsizing?

Maybe not as much as I have done in years past - but things that need doing.  Baseline projects required to move the larger plan ahead.

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