Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Visit To Cabela's

This Saturday, as part of the "I Had to Go South Anyway Through Traffic" day, I decided to stop at my local Cabela's.

I enjoy going to Cabela's  It is fun to walk around and look at the various items that they have for sale and price things out and even occasionally dream.

However, things were a bit noticeably different this time out in the camping section.  The section seemed much less full of items and of those items, most of them which were previously manufactured by various companies are now largely the Cabela's house brand.  Almost entirely:  sleeping bags, cooking items (smokers, meat preparers and the like), tents, etc.  Bright yellow tops and sides of boxes with "Cabela's" prominently labeled.

I am not really sure what to make of this except it really stuck out to me as something very different than the last time I visited (I think around six months ago). I do know that they were bought out by Bass Pro Shops some months back, and it makes me wonder (a bit) if this was an indicator to those who knew.  I would think that (generally) you go to your own house brand in an attempt to save money and keep more of the dollars you earn in your own pocket.



  1. I think you're right. Bass Pro bought several lines of clothing & footwear, some years ago, and Cabela's has now followed suit. It may simply be a case of economic survival, but limiting choice never makes the consumers happy.

    1. I do not know, Reverend. You may laugh at this, but somehow it seemed less...fun. Like going to Wal-Mart and only seeing Wal-Mart brands. They may be just as good, but - to your point - it at least feels as if I have less choices.


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