Monday, November 14, 2016

Life Goes On

So now that we have reached the climax of the last 18 months, what to do?

The plans change a bit, I suppose - but the underlying principles remain the same:  Reduce debt.  Become more self-sufficient.  Become more disengaged from the culture-media ("Going Galt").  Strengthen my relationship with God.

I have a lot of reading to do in the near future - focused reading to be sure.  If I can have my way, lots of Loeb Classics of the Ancient World:  Quintillian.  Procopius.  Cicero.  And The Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire  by Gibbon.

I feel as if I need to refresh my understanding of the early years of the American Republic as well.  We are raising an increasingly historically illiterate generation who views history only through the lens of the modern world.  They need realize that facts underly events, not feelings.

Gardening of course.  And physical activity - no matter what ultimately happens in health care, the reality is that we are still the primary responsible party for our health.

If things happen that get more money in my pocket, great, We have a budget and places to allocate that money.  And certainly it will help move projects forward.

In other words, now that we are finished, it turns out nothing has really changed for me.  In other words, life goes on.


  1. Nothing has changed for any of us yet. And may not.
    But, be safe and God bless us all.

  2. I just assume not Linda. A breather, nothing more - and an opportunity to get better prepared.


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