Thursday, November 10, 2016

And That, Friends, Was Facebook

I have not been on Facebook for approximately 36 hours.

Why the precise time?  Because I made a conscious effort not to follow anything and not to be informed of the result.  Thus, I missed what is an apparent firestorm occurring.  Hurtful, vicious things being said.  People stating that if someone voted the way they did not, to unfriend them (as a side note, have we now become so unmotivated that we cannot manage even our social relationships online?).

I missed it all, because I stayed away.  I had a relatively peaceful day of working through moving the office and enjoying dinner with friends.

I suspect I was not the only one that sat today out.  After all, who wants to log in to see how friends are doing and find vitriol facing you first thing in the morning?

Facebook, I fear though, is ultimately toast.

Many will quit.  Many will unfriend others - and then find themselves with nothing to follow up on.  Others will realize that the mere stream of photos and internet memes that are non-religious/non-political/non-anything is really just a sort of waste of time and that there are better things to do with one's life.

Farewell Facebook.  Thanks for introducing so many to the web.  And thanks for essentially becoming a photo album of the Internet.


  1. Vitriol; the very reason I "unfriended" Facebook. It was the Bernie Babies that did it for me. I replied to a post concerning the wrinkled socialist; nothing nasty; just that I thought that socialism and America went together about as well as fire and gasoline. HOLY SMOKE! Talk about bending hell's horn! You would have thought I had blasphemed the Christ Himself! After responding to the snowflakes who bestowed their flaming arrows upon me, I pulled the plug. I have better things to do than to remain embroiled in a perpetual argument ("social media" is an oxymoron, with the emphasis on "moron!"). You've probably discovered that as well! You won't miss it...

    1. Pete, I comment even less on politics there than I do here (and you know how little I do here) for that very reason. Facebook has largely become a photosharing echo chamber. I still will probably stay on for at least family photos and some contact with activities I do, but that's it. Certainly my time has suddenly expanded as a result.

  2. I don't have so many liberal friends on fb. Even my gay brother unfriended me.
    Oddly enough, the meme I posted said I would NOT unfriend someone for voting opposite me (hubby has liberal relatives in New York or somewhere up NE), because if I did that, I would be turning against the principles of free speech, etc.

    My only excuse for less time on fb is because we are on the road to NC to visit family.

    I am glad you enjoyed your time away. I hope you have a blessed weekend.

    1. Odd, is it not Linda? People who say they believe in tolerance cannot tolerate any opinion which is contrary to their own. It saddens me, because I have seen the maturity of discourse dissolve precipitously over my own adult lifetime.

      Have a wonderful weekend as well.


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