Tuesday, May 15, 2012

An Open Letter to Spammers

Dear Spammers:

Hi.  My name is Toirdhealbeach Beucail.  This is my blog.

I figure we'll start with introductions although I'm sure you already know all this, as you (apparently) have come to my blog - some of you multiple times, judging from the statistics that are helpfully tracked for me.

This a formal request for you to stop it.  Just stop it.

Stop coming and posting your advertisements about various drugs I can get for pennies on the dollar or various improvements to portions of my anatomy or great stocks I can invest in for the future.  Stop hiding behind generic websites that can't be tracked and addresses that mysteriously can't be responded to.  Stop wasting your time (and mine) by posting such things.

Three reasons:

1)  Apparently I have a spam guard operating so your postings don't actually go anywhere but into a holding tanks until I delete them in the morning.  If you're getting paid for visibility, you'll make no money here.

2)  If whatever it is you're selling is so grand, go ahead and start a blog on it (www.blogger.com - it's free).  You can post about all the great deals you have and figure how to have Google and Yahoo drive traffic to your site.

3)  This is my blog.  It's where I seek to write about things that are important to me (and occasionally to others).  It's not a forum for selling product (you'll note that there are no Goggle ads posted here - a conscious decision on my part).  It's certainly not your forum.  Have some respect for the creative process and whatever it is I'm trying to do here and simply don't wast your time.

 Thank you.

- Toirdhealbheach Beucail

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