Tuesday, May 29, 2012


So I started running down the road of self publishing yesterday.

In looking around at the Internet and myself, what I have come to realize is that I continually keep making excuses for not getting this thing done.  Sure, I can send my manuscript through one more round of reviews (and it needs it), but then I start going through the secondary part, the "I need to get information on publishers and or agents, I need to send letters, I need to wait."

I need to wait.  Is it that I need to wait, or that I have reached a point where it is convenient for me to use that as an excuse for not doing more?

In a world of YouTube, I-Pads, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and Kindle, the reality is that waiting is one option - but it's not the only one.

There is one thing though, a thing beyond the money outlay (which seems to be minimal in this case):  it's believing in one's self.

That's the thing.  That's the point of all of the technology listed above.  It's all there and makes putting something out in the public eye easier than ever, but it presupposes that you believe in what it is that you are putting out.  And belief is demonstrated by taking the final step of putting your product out on the market and not making excuses.

And maybe, perhaps for the first time since October 2008 when this become a possibility, the years of making excuses for waiting on others and the simple fact of achieving a goal will be reality.

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