Thursday, August 19, 2010

Making Most of Myself

"Each character is placed in a setting by a novelist; each expands or contracts his part through the choices he makes. Play your part gladly, but do not waste your time trying to make your role more important. The more a player in a drama elevates his part, the less he fulfills it. And the less is written of him in the Book, no matter how much has been written in the Shadowlands." - Marcus, Edge of Eternity (Randy Alcorn)

There are times when I tend to want to grasp responsibility and power, accrue them to myself because (gosh darn it) I deserve it: I'm talented, intelligent, simply wasted in my current position and life. I could be doing great things; instead I feel like I am doing little things that serve no purpose.

The above passage from Edge of Eternity was a good reminder as I re-read the book that I need to focus less on trying to make my role in life more important and simply live out my role in life. It's not that it doesn't mean that I can't do greater things or make a larger difference; what it does mean is it should be a natural progression, not a constant spotlight focused on me saying "Hey, look at what I'm doing! I deserve your attention!".

It's a version of the "You can only focus on one thing at a time." If I focus on drawing attention to me and what I'm doing, this typically detracts from performing my job whereas if I simply do my job (be that in career, family, personal or life), my role will typically increase if for no other reason than I am doing my task competently (let alone any eternal implications!).

So where will my time and attention be today: on making my role important or simply doing the role I have? Perhaps more importantly, what has the greater benefit?

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