Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Support Your Local Personality Stand

Another rejection e-mail last night.

I've almost become accustomed to the sense that where I am now is where I am going to be for a while - if for no other reason, to have a career in this economy is a good thing at all. I've managed to take the edge off the concept that a rejection is not a rejection of me or my skills per se, but rather the fact that there are simply a good many number of people out there seeking employment.

Within that framework, I'm attempting to address the fact of "What am I supposed to be doing now?" I'm trying to work with the model of "bloom where you are planted" and "work with what you have" - a sort of personal life "Small/local is beautiful" theory or "Support your local farmer". So based on that, what do I have?

If I go through and make the list, I find that I have much of what I had back in Old Home - in some ways different (less family immediately near, for example) but not significantly the changed. I have some new things as well: a new location, a new set of coworkers and job field, a new church. I also have a new set of time, which is conveniently been given to me by the move, not directly owning a house, and having that extended family far enough away that regular visits are not an option.

So if God has shaken my hand loose on one side, what has He put in the other? And what am I to do with it?

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