Friday, August 20, 2010


"Opportunities are like windows. They open and close, sometimes quite quickly." - Brian Tracy, Victory

Once not so long ago, a somewhat younger (but quite ebullient ) me made the radical comment "You know, opportunities are everywhere you look. You just have to see them." A somewhat older, less ebullient me might still believe that now, but it seems that I have a harder time seeing them. So maybe in that sense opportunities are also like windows in the sense that they are transparent and can be seen through (and walked into) unless you are looking for them.

If that's the case, why does it feel like I am continually walking into walls with no windows?

A room without windows. What an apt description of how I feel so many days - not that the light doesn't shine in, but that it seems there are no windows to look out of. But the light is coming in, so there must be windows somewhere. Though as the quote says above, they open and close - somtimes with surprising speed, so that I may never recognize that they were ever there.

How do I see these windows of opportunity? Where are they in my life? What am I missing?

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