Monday, December 27, 2021

Costa Rica: Drive, Capitol

 Some views from our hotel room in Monte Verde before leaving:

On the drive back, we stopped to see both the area the cloud forest is in as well as where the land was cleared away for cattle:

This is as close to the Pacific Ocean or a beach as we got:

In the afternoon after arrival, we took a walking tour of San Jose:

The National Theater of San Jose is a building that would fit into any European Capitol:

We also toured the National Museum, which included both clay artifacts as well as gold artifacts:

Squid thing that reminded me of Cthulu:

Our last dinner.  The soup was pumpkin and incredibly good:

Tiramisu!  It was delicious!

Video:  The clouds blowing in over the mountains at morning.


  1. Beautiful country. And the buildings were magnificent.

    When I see those monsters in their art, I really start wondering if they were really accurate or stylized. They didn't lack for skill, that lobster medallion is proof of that. Did they really see those things, or were they illustrating a legend / oral history?

    I've been to a really strange area before, and I even saw something I have no explanation for. The mood or atmosphere suddenly turned malevolent at that same time. I can draw what I saw, but I can't describe what I felt very well. That makes me wonder about those artifacts.

    Untold horrors were done in that region, just like the one I visited. It makes me curious, but not prone to investigate....

    1. STxAR, a guess on the figures is that these were the essence of the creatures the saw, and that many of the figures were owned by those that hoped to encompass the elements of those creatures - the courage and strength and speed of an octopus, for example?

      Did they see them? My view of the world is narrow, and I can and have only seen so much. We as modern people tend to explain away or ignore that which will not fit into our categories.


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