Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Sweet Potato Harvest 2019

This is the 2019 sweet potato yield:

There are three different varieties represented (you would think I remember what I planted.  I do not and will have to look them up).

Overall I am very pleased.  Sweet Potatoes are something else that are adapted to our current hot and humid summer climate.  They performed like champs; their growing season was about six months.

Apparently there is now a "hardening off" where I have to let them settle a bit before they are edible.  Still, there are a good many meals represented here.  I will be growing them again next year


  1. That's a pretty good lookin' harvest! Were they hard to grow? Did you have to anything 'special' for them (soil prep, etc..) I've never grown them and have always wanted to give them a try but I really do not know anything about them except that they taste good :-)


  2. That's a nice harvest TB! I never tried to grow sweet taters. When I planted my potatoes, I had three varieties, and I never jotted them down lol...they were just red or white! :)

  3. Thank you Hobo! Really, there was very little to it. I got 24 shoots from Sow True Seeds and planted them. The one warning I read is that they can just put out leaves and not tubers in nitrogen rich soil. My soil is largely degraded wood pellets from the rabbits mixed with hay and rabbit poop so I thought that might be an issue - but it was not. Other than that, water and sun.

  4. Thank you Rain! I am very pleased with the results - I am always pleased when I find something that grows well in the hot and humid.

  5. That is great! They grow a lot of them in Louisiana.
    I would have to use a planter or grow bag though because the farm soil has too much clay.
    Enjoy your sweet potatoes!

  6. We have a bit too much clay as well, Linda - fortunately the soil I built up worked out well.


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