Saturday, September 22, 2018

Iceland Day Six: Reykjavik

For our last day, we started by taking a whale watching tour in the bay.  We did see some whales, although I was always too slow to get pictures:

Then, some last minute walking and shopping in downtown Reykjavik:

The current location of the Alþing:

The National Cathedral of Iceland:

My final picture of Iceland, and one of my favorites:  squint your eyes and you cannot see the few signs of civilization there.  What must it have looked like when the Norse first appeared in the 870's?  The picture of an unexplored land touches my imagination.


  1. It's been a wonderful tour and I've appreciated all the photos and insights. A very interesting country. If I could ever travel it's definitely a place I'd like to visit.

  2. A beautiful cathedral. And a wonderful last picture, indeed. Definitely makes you feel like an explorer. :)
    Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  3. Linda and Leigh - you are both quite welcome. I am glad you enjoyed the pictures as much I as enjoyed taking them. Upon further thought, I suspect it is not the vacation that a lot of people would enjoy, unless they like solitude and long vistas.

    That said, I would happily return (I think. If I could stomach the airport again).

  4. Alaska is the same way. When we got our assignments there we were told we'd either love it or hate it. No in-between, we were told. We did love it. :-)

    I understand about the airport. Not sure if an Ocean cruise would be possible? Do ocean liners take passengers from America to England any more, or are the 'play cruises' to places like Puerto Viarta (sp?) the only option nowadays?

    Either way, you will always have the memories. :)

  5. Linda, other than particular destinations - like the Caribbean or Alaska or the Mediterranean - I do not know how common those sort of cruises are. Much less than they used to be, I am sure - people much more want to just get there than enjoy the ride.


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