Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Half A Score And A Little More Years Ago...

....there was a guy (that would be me) that decided he would make a splash in the then still relatively nascent blogosphere.  You know - write deep thoughts, be quoted, earn a living purely from the recommendations of recommendations from the vastness and depths of his thoughts.

Somewhat sadly, that guy's dreams expired rather quickly.  However, the remaining results have been somewhat entertaining, if nothing else.

Yes, this is my 13th anniversary here at TheFortyFive, keeping the InterWeb safe for...well, I am not sure for whom, really.  2900 posts and change at this point (ironically, I only had three posts in 2005.  Two on the same day). 

Originally (all joking aside) my original hope was to have one "those" blogging careers (The Forty Five, for which this blog is named, refers to the gallant but doomed uprising in Scotland which ended at The Battle of Culloden).  However, I quickly found that 1)  writing is hard; and 2)  I am not much for conflict, written or spoken.

What did come out of this - sometime in 2008 - was a sort of online blogging journal, the sort of thing I had been keeping since 1989.  It first became a practice, then a habit - a habit which has reached the point that if I do not account for posting at least five days a week, I feel unfinished.

The audience, I believe, has changed over the years.  Originally it was individuals that I knew locally (whom in some cases still lurk, but in many cases have moved on). What it came to be in many cases was a group of individuals, like-minded in some ways if not all and who (for the most part) blog themselves (and my father, who reliably reads every morning as soon as it is published).  I am been fortunate to meet people from (literally) all over the world, doing in there own small way a version of what I am trying to do:  personal independence of life and thought.

If you discount the occasional spikes of spammers (approximately once a month), I run 70-90 views a day.  Which are more eyes at least looking (and hopefully spending a moment or two in thought) than I could have ever hoped for.

The rules, which have been the same since around 2006, remain the same:  no profanity, no politics (but some political science -  there is a difference), no religion (except my own struggles in my Christian walk), but hopefully something to think about and chew on (or occasionally laugh at). 

I am not quite sure what all is in here at this point, but this blog has covered any number of lifetime sorts of events - my old job, losing my job, migrating to New Home, finding Throwing and Iai, with large splashes of depression and "I hate my job" thrown in, and then most recently my rather run of good luck.  So in a sense, it has surpassed the idea of a blog and has almost reached the stage of a life chronicle (which like most chronicles, will fade into dust or be viewed 100 years hence with a quizzical eyebrow from the researchers).

So, as always, thanks for stopping by.   We appreciate your patronage.  Please be sure to help yourself to a complimentary shot of homemade mead and some cheese at the door and come on it.  We still have a fair amount of ground to cover.


MattB said...

Hey I didn't get my mead and cheese!! Seriously though found your blog yesterday and am backtracking through it. Thanks for the enjoyment.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Sadly Matt, neither did I.

Thanks for stopping by!