Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Quiet Change

Did you ever get the sense that God is changing up your life?

It is not in that usual dramatic sense that so many like to believe He operates with.  There are not burning bushes or brilliant lights, not even voices in the night or the "signs" that so many seem to spend an inordinate amount of time looking for.

No, it comes almost out of the corner of one's eye, in the gentle shifting of circumstances and people around you.  It is not that you seem to be doing anything different at all or are consciously changing anything; it is rather that these things seem to be happening in the background around you.

A friend you have fallen away from suddenly appears again while someone else that is currently important mysteriously slips away, a project that was consuming time energy comes to a halt just as something you had stopped working on years ago is brought back to the surface.  A door that was closed for months - years - suddenly opens at the least expected time.

In other words, you are at the center of a web of change without really seeming to do a thing.

The point of it is not for you, of course; it would be foolish to consider anything but God working ultimately for God's glory, not your convenience.  And yet at the same time, it is God being intimately involved in the details of our lives, making them different - for His glory.

It is exciting - and terrifying - at the same time. Exciting because you sense God here, terrifying because (if you are wise) you know very well that such things always turn out very differently than what we would have predicted.

Change is in the air, even if I cannot fully grasp it.  Best to pay attention so that the next step, when available, will be taken.


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