Monday, September 09, 2013

The Space Beside The Bed

As part of our “new” bedroom, The Ravishing Mrs. TB procured a pair of new bedside tables for use.  They are the same wood as the dresser and chest of drawers that we procured at IKEA.  Matched with a new beside lamp for each of us, it represents the first upgrade in bedside accouterments since 1993 and our pressed fiberboard screw-in table leg tables. 

So in the spirit of making a clean start as part of our new home, I am trying not only to reorganize but to simplify.

I am taking some of my cues based on the biography of Steve Jobs I am currently listening to.  Mr. Jobs, who had a great love (some could call it obsession) with design, described how he and his wife spent hours in the evening discussing the design and function of a washer and dryer.  I have not gone quite that far in my quest for reorganization, but I am trying to ensure that at least part of what I am doing has the function and appearance in mind.

Minimalist.  That is what I am striving for.  If I have it I should either use it or derive pleasure from it.  The having of things which neither are neither useful not provide pleasure is something I am trying to move away from.

The largest item on my table, which has been there for many years, is a basket that I keep various things in.  Moving towards the goal of keeping things as simple and minimalist as possible, I decided to remove the basket from the table leaving only my clock, my lamp and a drink coaster.

But what to store in the drawer.  It is obviously less spacious than the basket. So came the consideration of what I keep in the basket.

Two highlighters and four pens?  I need only one of each.  Cards?  They have sat for a year without examination; time to locate them to where I keep such things.  A flashlight?  There is a drawer, that will store the bookmarks as well.  My journal?  Now sitting atop a neat stack of books on the lower shelf.

The result?  A simple nightstand next to my bed with a minimum on it – and a minimum in it. 

I will be honest.  It is simple.  It is clean.  It is organized.

I love it.

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