Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stepping Out

I find that I am stepping out more and more at work, taking charge, perhaps acting almost leader-like.

It is a little terrifying.  I do not know that I am doing everything correctly.  Sometimes it feels like I am simply adding more work to my life.

But at the same time it is invigorating.  It is an interesting feeling when one feels that one has some sense that one is charting one's own course rather than simply walking down a path that others set before you. 

One significant change that I have found is that I find myself asking for permission a great deal less.  If I understand what needs to be achieved, I will make a plan and go do it.  What I am no longer doing - at least not in the formal way - is going and asking for permission prior to asking.  I will consult, I will seek opinions - but I will not seek permission.  I will act.

I am not quite sure where all of this ends.  There is only a finite range to one's leadership at any one company of course; at some point the ability to lead becomes constrained by size and circumstances.

But that is it may be.  Right know I am doing - and learning.

Leadership may be a skill to be learned after all.  Who knew.

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