Monday, November 05, 2012

More All I Needed To Know I Learned from the Highland Games

1)  Competing is as much about showing up as it is about being good.

2)  Get a heavy enough implement that requires some technique and the old and young are on a level playing field.

3)  Be prepared for change on short notice.  Just because you've always thrown with a lighter stone doesn't mean that a heavier stone won't suddenly be used.

4)  If people say a caber may be coming your way and may hit you, best to listen and be prepared.

5)  Be ready.   The Ready and Willing need only the slightest of instruction to throw far.

6)  Momentum is key.  The right momentum allows a weight to sail with ease.  The wrong momentum just makes for an embarassing throw.

7)  Many people are willing to throw.  Few people are willing to go behind and make sure everything is out of the way.

8)  Don't try and catch a rolling stone with your ankle.

9)  World records can be set anywhere.  You just need to be ready and looking for it.

10)  There's always someone who will be the smallest competitor on the field throwing the most of the his body weight.  Be that person if you have to.

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