Monday, September 08, 2008

Golden Morning

We have reached the part of the year where the sun is rising later and later - and thankfully, so am I. As I sit her this morning, looking out the side window of the house, the sky appears as almost a golden white with no blue, the precursor of the sun's coming.

In a conscious effort not to look, I've not actually stood up and looked over the fence - it would spoil the effect of the moment. It is the anticipation of the thing that is producing the mystery and the beauty, not the thing itself. Sunrises I've seen. This, I don't know that I have.

Or have I? One of the terrible things (among many terrible things) about the world of commuting is that we come to ignore most things like this. Part of it, I'm sure, is a simple survival instinct (Look at the sunrise, hit the car in front of you). For three years I made a drive through 30 miles of vineyards and cattle ranges. I saw some things of surpassing beauty - but I bet I missed a thousand more through the sheer need to drive and survive.

We do this every day with our friends, our coworkers, our children, our pets - letting the small snatches of beauty get stolen away from us in the rush of doing the things we think we need to do. If God is that still small voice, how often do we rush over Him as well in the hustle of doing "needful" things?

P.S. Vintage Chick has an excellent post on this matter which is far better. It is here. You should go see it. Now.

Okay. Stop reading this. Go there.


  1. Oh you make me smile! I'm sure you have no idea how much your own words cause me to think and reflect...just an much as a sunrise or a silvery moon. You are a dear that the Lord uses constantly, whether you realize it or not!

  2. Actually, you've no-one but yourself to blame. If you hadn't spoken of and written about what you saw in the plane, I probably would not have noticed what I saw this morning.

    See - It's really God using you, not me...(thereby relieving me of responsibility!)


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