Monday, September 29, 2008

Uisdean ruadh

I spoke with Uisdean ruadh last night. His spirits are still up - far better than mine would be, given the circumstances. He has officially been off the payroll for 1.5 months now.

I asked him how the job hunt was going: E-mails? None new, beyond the automated "Thank you for your interest" responses. Phone calls? Nope. Regular old style mail? Again, nope.

That is hard. I know something of that, having been without work after the failure of The Firm. But I had relative advantage of not looking in his industry (computer services) in this environment. Still, I remember the days of spending your time looking (and it seemed to get less ever day, as you had already covered more and more websites), doing this and that around the house, punctuated (in my case) by brief moments of sheer panic (What are we going to do?).

But not Uisdean Ruadh. He was the same level headed, methodically planning, taking one day at a time self that he usually is. Admirable, really.

Continue to pray for him and his employment, if you would. In fact, take a moment and pray for all who are unsettled in this time of economic uncertainty, not only for their physical needs, but if their minds are on things other than the God, that He would focus them on Him.

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