Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Scary Adult Land

So the second day of my job has convinced me that careerwise, I could not have left much later.

The reason? In my new position, I really am "it". My manager has stated that he intends to pass everything related to my area of expertise off to me - and he has started doing so.

This is very different from any position I have previously had in my industry. Usually my one above has also had a somewhat present oversight role in what I do. Here, it seems like very little, other than the typical "I think you should look at doing this", which is manager code for "You need to do this pretty much like I am suggesting."

It's scary. It's being an adult in an adult world, where you make decisions and stand or fall on your own. On the other hand it's good, not only because it enables one to confidently on your own, but also that it cuts off the fallback of "I'll ask my manager." You are the manager.

It makes me realize how dependent I have become on others essentially "covering" my decisions, and my inability to make one. Now, I have to.

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