Sunday, August 17, 2008

15th Anniversaries and Technology

So we had another one of life's pleasures that seem to come so infrequently: Otis and Buttercup came to visit. They were on their 15th wedding anniversary, and had generously decided to spend at least a part of it with us.

(Otis's blog is here. Buttercup's is here)

There is always a sweetness in the seeing of old friends - although in this case, as we have kept up over the years, there is not as much catching up on old news and more of the exchange of small stories - sort of like gold panning or opal walking on the beach, finding the joy of nuggets or stones mixed among the general conversation that comes up.

It is also a fabulous reminder of how much we need each other - even if we're not there physically. Technology, for all of my Luddite tendencies, has made at least this much true: more than any other time in history, we are able to continue to keep up and be involved in the lives of our family and friends even though we are physically distant from them. So many of my friends that I turn to in joy or sorrow - Otis, Bogha Frois, Uisdean Ruadh, HWMNTN - I seldom, if not very infrequently.

And I, at least need people - to bounce ideas off, to listen to my complaints or my triumphs, and to avail myself of doing the same for them. I have never learned so much about listening as I have by forcing myself to listen to my friends, instead of immediately formulating my next response.

So Happy Anniversary Otis and Buttercup, and many more. Your visit was very welcome, and far too short.

You'd think this would encourage us to come visit others more often...

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