Saturday, August 16, 2008

Labs, Lawn Peeing, and Sanctification

So now, we have a dog. It is somewhat fortunate that I was not overly attached to my backyard, because it has become, well, doggitized. Beyond the joy of Dog poop removal (if I was a clever man, I could figure out how to convert dog poop into renewal energy - I'd be a billionaire!) I now have the joy of large brown spots in parts of my lawn as well as parts of my garden (and a lot of feet of sprinkler hose) becoming dog play toys.

After the spots began appearing on my lawn, I referred to the Internet (Ah, what won't it do) to see if anything could be done. One suggestion I read was that if the lawn is flushed with water periodically, this will help to wash the urine off the grass and dilute it. Fair enough: I've got a timer on my sprinkler, so not a problem.

An unlooked for result of this is that my grass growth has become a lot more lush. It has also highlighted the fact that I have different grasses in my lawn, some which grow better than others.

It was actually a week ago that I noticed that some of the older brown spots had spots of green in them. The more resistant grass has begun to send out shoots, which are now starting to populate the dead areas. Suddenly, it appears that over time I may end up with a more resilient lawn.

The thought then hit me (and it disturbs me that my mind works this way) that this is a lot like the process of sanctification. Sin, if you will, creates the dead spots in the lawn of our lives. God, in His graciousness, begins to send His roots of holiness into our lives. Eventually, they will green up - as long as we continue to be diligent in watering it with the Word, prayer, and God's grace. And, like my lawn, it looks pretty bad now - but in eternity, we'll be glorified, freed from the stains of sin in us.

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