Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Inseparable Life and Message

Coming home yesterday on the radio I heard a segment on The Hugh Hewitt show about a young lady named Katie Davis, a young girl who at age 18 went on a mission trip to Uganda, and then decided to go on mission there. Her blog site is here.

To read her blog site is to be confronted not only with the reality of a world that most of us do not know (and cannot really imagine), but the power of God in changing lives and in changed lives. (For the record, she currently is 21 years old and has adopted 14 children).

One thing that touched my heart (re-reading her blogs, I suspect there will be more) is the focus of other centeredness and loving others. Which kind of leads me to believe that most of the problems in my own life are self inflicted due to my life being about me so much.

If the church (and by the church, I mean myself and you) wants to have a true impact on the world, this is the road to it. Not necessarily going to Uganda, but showing love and reaching out where we are. To read her blog postings (and I need to read more), one cannot connect the good work she is doing from her faith in God and Christ. She is a living witness - the kind of witness that we are all called to be as Christians. People should not be able to separate our lives from our message.

If I tried - just for one day - to live for God and others instead of myself, what would that look like?

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