Friday, October 08, 2010

Plans Do Work Out

Thoughts (happy, mostly) for Songbird, who officially became retired on Wednesday, not fully by her own choice.

She has been on my mind over the last week as we suspected this was coming, both for the fact that it was coming as well as the fact that she and Le Quebecois were not caught flatfooted by this event. They had carefully planned and readjusted their lives such that, when the event ("enforced retirement"? "unplanned departure"? Not really sure what to call it) occurred, they were already looking at a trailer for travel the next day to for this new phase of their lives.

I contrast that with so many people (myself included lots of the time) who simply don't plan for the fact that reality happens. People leave, jobs go, sickness and financial turmoil happen - yet so often we simply live our lives as if none of this was a possibility, and then are seemingly caught "by surprise" when such things occur.

So kudos and happy trails to Songbird and Le Quebecois as they begin this next phase of their lives together, scooters and trailers rolling down the interstate. Let it be a strong reminder to the rest of us that such things can come out well, and that failing to plan is planning to fail.

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