Thursday, October 21, 2010


"Argue for your limitations and they're yours to keep"

What are we truly capable of?

As human beings we are certainly not infinitely powerful and can't do anything - but on a purely physical level, we have individuals who can climb to the top of Mt. Everest without oxygen, run over 100 miles, lift a lot of weight (confirmed record is 1008 lbs), and swim 312 miles non-stop (down the Danube river). On an emotional level, there are individuals who can overcome incredibly negative backgrounds to achieve great things, leave great backgrounds to do significant things, and individuals who just by the fact that they make it through another day do more living than many of us. Individuals have invented machinery, harnessed diffuse light into lasers that heal and manufacture, modified grasses into food, and plumbed the depths of space and time.

So what am I truly capable of?

We tend to underestimate our ability to do things, either physical or mental. Part of it I suppose is attributable to laziness, but part is also due to the fact that we get comfortable - too comfortable in fact. We slowly construct the walls of our lives with creature comforts to make less than perfect life bearable and suddenly realize we've built a home without doors or windows.

Pushing myself is hard - either physically (really hard) or mentally. I too often like to do things halfway and believe that I've "made an effort". Making an effort is good, but it's only a start - one needs to know what one is truly aiming for to gauge the level of one's success.

So here's the challenge: what if, for one day, you lived your life at the edge of your limits. One day. What would that look like? What would that feel like?

If you did it, would you do it again?

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