Sunday, March 05, 2023

Snowfall - A Final Thought

Thank you for putting up with a week of snow.

As a writer, sometimes I struggle with what I am going to put up for the next day - yes, I know:  this is a self-imposed problem as no-one requires that I post something every day but myself.  But I find the exercise to be a good one for at least enforcing consistency in effort if nothing else (and, maybe, I am getting a bit better at actually being able to write).

But there are times - like with snow - that suddenly the subject presents itself and all I have to do is write.

As a follow-on, after I departed The Ranch there was a day of rain, then another three days of heavy snow.  The snow continued; maxing out at about 2'.  Power has been out since last Tuesday (and not expected to be restored until this coming Tuesday; Uisdean Ruadh and his mother have sought warmer climes until the return of power.

The video below was shot just before I left on Saturday.  The change in the surroundings after the snowfall had ended - from complete silence to melting and slipping of snow off trees - was noticeable.

I continually am amazed how - in every season, The Ranch has its own beauty.


  1. Nylon125:07 AM

    Naw, haven't minded the white stuff at all TB, good to see a less urban scene with winter's dandruff......... :)

    1. Thanks Nylon12. Certainly they are fun pictures to share - and lots of material for reflection.

  2. Do you winterize your pipes between visits or leave some sort of supplementary heat on?

    1. Ed, the outdoor pipes (faucets) are wrapped. I leave the heat on at low (40 F) when I am away in the Winter, which works as long as the power is on. The Outdoorsman went by on Friday to take a look and no evidence of leaks. I can see by our remote camera the power is back on this morning. so hopefully there will be no more power outages. The house is also pretty heavily insulated - my biggest fear at this point is the roof, but not much I can do from here.


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