Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Changing My Workspace

I have changed up my major workspace.

For years, I have been trying to do everything in two locations.  One is my desk, located in my bedroom - before our move it was located in our master bedroom closet and was the office that I have never managed to have.  The other, at least for the last six years, has been the large overstuffed purple chair in the living room.

It makes sense, correct?  In one location (the chair) I did all my early morning work; in the other (my desk) I did my writing and other items.  But the problem has presented itself that I have not been making the progress in anything that I was hoping for. 

So, I changed where I am working.

The Ravishing Mrs. TB has a craft table in the living room which (at this point) is intermittently used, but has an amazing desk lamp.  So I have relocated there.

It means changes, of course.  My items, be they for reading or writing, are now stored out there.  Anything that I was doing at my desk, I have to "truck" (I use the word loosely) out in the living room to use.

But it seems to be working.  Why?

1)  Simply put, a change of scenery.  I am not used to being out there, so I am not immediately lapsing back into my old habits.

2)  No computer.  This is the biggest change - by leaving the computer behind and only having what I need, I am forcing myself to stay on task.  The results, even after a few days, have been remarkable.

3)  The change in location and lack of distractions has meant I am more able to focus on what I am doing.  For me, I really can have no distractions to the task that I am trying to accomplish - the less, the better.  Thus, I can focus fully on what I am doing because I have nothing else to focus on.

I will see where I sit in a month.  But so far, I am quite happy with the results.

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