Tuesday, July 16, 2019

39 Again

So The Ravishing Mrs. TB turned 39 this weekend (for the 12th time).

She is off with Na Clann on another adventure (alas, after my last absence from work I am very reluctant to take some more time off so soon) - it is what she wanted as part of her birthday and (frankly) missing hordes of people in the hot Florida sun is something that I can happily do without.

It strikes me as odd, if I think about it.  We passed our 26th wedding anniversary this year.  I have known her for 27 years.  At this point, that is longer than all but my family and a handful of friends.  i do not suppose you ever know how certain relationships will work out, unless you try them. 

We are reaching that point in our marriage where our responsibilities are slightly dropping off:  the oldest will be off soon for her 3rd year college, the middle for her 1st, and the youngest to start high school.  It is not quite the empty nest syndrome, but it certainly a predecessor to it for both of us. In a (mere) four years, we will pretty much be on our own.

I am not sure how ready we are for that.

But for now, we do not have to be.  All we have to do is celebrate 39 (again).


Glen Filthie said...

You will never have to worry about an empty nest, my friend.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

You are probably right Glen - or at least, a partially lived in nest.

I would like my office someday, though.