Thursday, May 10, 2018

On Success Books

So as I have often written, I have a little bit of a problem with books - in that I have a fairly large collection of them.  My solution - to almost anything - is when in doubt, to buy a book.  So today, when I was reading an article that recommended a book on goals and success, you can imagine what my initial reaction was.

I like books on success.  I have one or two.  My favorites are the ones by Jeffrey Gitomer and Seth Godin and Steven Pressfield.  Reading them, I can always feel more empowered and focused.

I clicked over to Amazon, looked at the book and the reviews, did the math, and put into into my cart.

And then I stopped and thought for a moment.

The reality is, the message of all books on success and succeeding and goals is - really - the same:  Get Goals.  Plan.  Persevere.  Achieve.  Essentially that is it, filled in with a little bit of stories and humor and encouraging words.  But not much different than that.  Because really, the nature of success is a path well worn by those before it.  It is not a question of more knowledge or more power or even more books, but rather a question of simply putting in the work until you arrive at your goals.

Which in a sense, eliminates the question of buying any other book on success (except if I really like the name or cover).  After all, one can only watch so many re-runs until one turns off the TV and simply goes outside and does something.

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