Thursday, January 04, 2018

Study Subjects 2018

One of the more valuable lessons I picked up some time ago - I am not really sure from who or where, only that the idea is not original to me - was deciding on a course of study for the coming year.

The concept is that you pick one thing - or maybe some things - that you would like to learn more about over the coming year and spend your time and energy learning about them.  It could be a completely new thing or or a series of old things you wish to know more about.  The important thing is that one makes a concentrated effort to focus on certain items.

This year's choices:

1) Icelandic Sagas:  Not really a surprise, given we are going to Iceland in in August.  I believe I have most of the sagas that are available in English, at least the major ones.  More of a re-acquaintance with old friends.

2)  Cistercian Thought:  The Cistercian Order has always fascinated me:  scholarly, labor oriented, and often silent, if I had to choose a religious order to join they would be the one (and the philosophies of living simply and providing for one's self go well with my own philosophy).  I have read smatterings of their thought but nothing on a larger order.

3) Polish Hussars:  One of the more unique and interesting warrior classes of the 16th -18th century.  Not only is it an excuse to re-read The Siege of Vienna and a biography of Jan Sobieski, it is the opportunity to learn about the history of Central Europe (often a forgotten part of US European studies).

4)  Farming:  This is always on the list.  I am always looking to learn more - not just for where I am now, but for where I might be someday.

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