Tuesday, January 16, 2018

An Eerie Sort of Quiet

Things feel quiet.  Uncomfortably quiet.

Oh, not quiet in the sense of the world.  There is plenty of news out there to be had - and if one is honest, you could make a case for the wheels coming off the bus in any number of circumstances. And a very realistic case at that.

No, what I am referring to are voices that I follow - or in some cases now, followed - on the InterWeb.  It is as if a vast blanket is smothering the InterWeb landscape.

People get busy, of course.  And let us be fair, maintaining a regular sort of writing is a difficult task, especially when (for 99% of us) it is a labor of love and not a paying endeavor.

But still, this silence - and the apparent dropping out of so many voices that I respect - troubles me.

Have I missed something?  Has the media paradigm changed so much that a blog has truly been overshadowed by a Video Blog (possible, of course) or social media?  Or (my bigger fear) is that these folks - many much more knowledeable heads than I - have foreseen something that has indicated that posting, for whatever reason, is no longer a priority - or even wise.

It feels much like a forest that is truly still, without the sound of birds of squirrels or other animals.  When it becomes this quiet, that is because something has gone terribly wrong - or is about to.


Rain said...

Hi TB :) I think that a lot of folks look at blogging as a hobby. They find it fun and like the interaction with people, but when life gets busy, that hobby gets put aside. I've know people who got into writing blocks too. I guess that doesn't really happen to me because I write about my life.

For me blogging is a wonderful part of my day or week. I admit I don't have time to blog daily. Nor do I have time to visit my friend's blogs daily anymore either. But I do make sure I post at least once a week now! But you are right, I've seen lots of people taking blogging breaks and I wonder why. I also hope that it's not for reasons of illness or worse!

hobo said...

Busy lives, I would guess. But it may also be that those who are savvy enough are pondering all the data gathering and such of the powers that be. What label is going to be given to whom and for what purposes? And for those who don't care have all flocked to (sp)acebook to 'chat' with their 10,000 'friends' about their daily routines.

It may also be just what to write about, and does anyone really glean any positive information out of it all. Or are we writing to 'brag' about our existence? Sometimes I feel like what's the point of it all? Am I really helping anyone or talking to myself for the entertainment of others? Sometimes, in all reality, it is both. ;^) But I generally come to the conclusion that if in the long run of it all, if it helps one person, then it was a good thing and to continue on. Sometimes what works for one person may not work for another but a gathering of bits and pieces, here & there, may work in your circumstance. It is all about ideas and putting them to work. Sometimes, someone may comment on what worked for them & I'll get some insight. Especially if money is on the thin side of the equation and how to get something to work without spending a gazillion dollars for something that is kind of a crap-shoot in the first place.

Crazy times, indeed.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Good point Rain. I admit I am probably overly worried. I post probably more than most, but it is just as much of an almost on-line journal for me as it is a hobby - something that I almost have to do or I do not feel like my day is right.

People get burned out - I understand that. Especially if you either are passionate about one thing or relating a story as you go (as many of the people I follow do), exciting things or even things worth blogging about do not happen ever day. And especially if you are doing it as an outlet (instead of writing for a living), it is much easier to take a break once in a while.

What worries me I suppose is people going silent because something awful has happened or something awful is about to happen. A good many of the folks I follow seem to be attuned to that sort of thing. That is what keeps me up at night.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Hobo, I saw your pictures - you have been very busy indeed!

The labeling thing - I understand that. Truth be told, even I (fairly non-offensive little I) worry about that sometimes. And only a handful of people that I have known in real life know that it is me writing these (and to be frank, I think most of them have moved on). That I know of, I have never directly linked myself on any social media.

To your second point, I can only speak for myself and my circumstances, which are surely not what I wish they were at the moment. To read the blogs of my friends who are actually out there doing the things - what an encouragement. If nothing else, I can live vicariously through them and dream and, as you suggest, occasionally glean little useful information. Or, even just be someone cheering from the sidelines.

Rain said...

I have one blogger friend that I've been worried about. She hasn't blogged for a long time, nor answered emails. I sent her a Christmas card and never heard back so it has me worried a bit. It's hard when you meet people that you really connect with online because there is no real way to know what's going on with them when they disappear!

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

It is, Rain. Oddly enough, the medium which has become the tool of our communication has also become our only means of contact. Same as pen pals back in the day: if they suddenly fell off the face of the planet, you had no way to know except through the lack of contact.