Friday, December 08, 2017


So we had a rare event in our clime - not anything to compare to Reverend Paul in Alaska or Rain and Kymber in Canada, but snow none the less!

My garden fence is not a great protection from the elements:

Rain, I have two lemons.  Let us see if they make it.

The backyard has a blanket of sorts:

And the lavender is covered:

My Christmas lights have actual snow!  

Two days ago it was 80 F and I was wondering how my dry my grass was.  Not an issue now:

Snow and tree trunk:

It will all melt by tomorrow of course, and for us freezing and ice is the real danger.  Still, it is nice to get a little bit of a White Christmas.


LindaG said...

We got an inch or two of snow in places with no insulation or cover. It is 46 now and mostly all melted away.
Stay warm!

hobo said...

Bag humbug! I'm not ready for snow, just yet. As long as the mountains have it now is okay, but it will be here soon enough.

The lemon should be okay as long as it doesn't get way below freezing. You could always string up some of those older Christmas lights where the bulbs actually give off some heat (or a couple of old light bulbs) and loosely tent it all with plastic over the citrus when the temps fall really low below freezing for a long time. Congrats on the lemons, though. :-) The tree looks like it is doing well.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

It melted within a day Linda. Just enough to enjoy for everyone.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Fortunately Hobo, it does not do that here very often so it is just a novelty.

Citrus trees are always on the edge here, Hobo. We are just on the cusp of being too cold. I am interested to see how they do - we will see how my principle of "Minimal intervention" will do. Mandarins are supposed to be the most cold tolerant - I would try one, but plans might change in fairly short order and I would hate to make the investment.

kymber said...

TB - you guys, Harry and a bunch of what we would call southerners (for us that's anywhere below the 49th parallel) are all getting snow and we are still enjoying an unusually warm autumn and we aren't expecting any freezing temps for another few weeks...and no snow!!! i hharvested the last of my red and green tomatoes on november 34th if you can believe that! the greenhouses do wonders for extending the season. anyway, i am glad that you got to enjoy some pretty snow even though it is probably all gone now. congrats on your lemons!

sending love! your friend,

Rev. Paul said...

I doubt it will make your situation any better, but we've had temps in the upper 40s for a few days, and all our snow was gone several days ago from warm rains. Lots of ice sticking around on the streets & driveways, though. Pro tip: Alaskans are NOT happy about 49° in December. You can trust me on that.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Kymber - Definitely an atypical winter for us, both warm and cold. Honestly, they were not predicting snow at all even that morning.

Tomatoes in November is amazing. I still managed to get a pepper in November.

Much Love, TB

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Maybe I am a bit off Reverend, but is the ice there from the fact you are dropping below freezing in the evening? I cannot imagine Alaskan ice is anything to be pleased with at all.