Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Final Release

One of the more interesting and new things to come out of this election cycle is the importance of Wikileaks, an organization which (depending on your political point of view) is either doing yeoman's service or is a tool of evil.  Weekly, and now almost daily, we are given a new batch of e-mails to peruse.

The very interesting thing to me is not so much the political aspects (we try not to take sides here) but what it is has revealed about how we view ourselves.

The one truly surprising thing is that, except for some almost tepid and cursory protests, no-one has seriously argued that the e-mails are not legitimate.  That they are not to and from whom them purport to be.  And if this cannot be denied (and, so far as I am aware, it has not been), then this are the real thoughts of real people we are looking at.

The biggest problem is what they actually reveal.

No, not the facts.  Politically I guess it has impact but that is not the bigger picture.  The larger picture is the apparent presentation of an outward public face versus and inward face.  The fact that one publicly  "be on board"  while privately having withering opinions, of being "for something" when the something you are "for" is really just a calculation of what you believe will advance you, not what you believe.

We are being treated to a searing view of humanity in all of its stinking glory, in the machinations and deal making and selfishness to make something happen.

Some cry. Some laugh.  Some take a rather large amount of pleasure.  But they all miss the point.

There is a bigger release coming.

Oh, it is out there for a while, who knows how long.  But it is coming - the day God lays our souls open to the universe and all of our thoughts and deeds are laid bare to the universe.

It will share some characteristics, of course.  We will not be able to deny them as not our own.  Everything will be revealed - every thought, every motivation, every word of anger, every deed of greed or lust - all trotted out for viewing.  It will be worse than even just having our machinations for our little lives (oh, how small) be revealed for all to see; it will strip us of every layer of self-justification and hypocrisy and leaving us cringing at the result and yet acknowledging that it is truly ours.

There are not secrets.  Not a single one.  Even if something is hidden from everything, it is not hidden from the Creator of the Universe.

The Day is coming.  As sinners, we will always have something we need to repent of, something to be forgiven of (and if we repent and are forgiven, we have nothing to fear - except embarrassment, perhaps).  But woe to us if we remain comfortable with a level of sin and hypocrisy in our own lives, somehow feeling that it will always, only, remain within ourselves.

The Final Release will soon be here.


  1. Amen.
    Thank you, Jesus, for dying for our sins. Thank you, Lord, for loving us always in spite of our shortcomings.

  2. "If death was the end of all, the wicked would have a good bargain in dying." - Socrates


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