Monday, October 03, 2016

2016 Garden Prep

So working out my 2016 Fall/Winter Garden.

I am working on both shrinking the footprint and increase the variety again.  The slice by the house was actually really convenient and (I think) far more amenable to more intensive management.  I am definitely going to add some free standing pots as well for things like greens - for some reason these do not seem to do well on the ground.

So far for this year, I have planned:

- Garlic (the one thing I can reliably grow)
- Spinach
- Lettuce (two kinds: Arctic King Butterhead and Bronze Arrow Looseleaf)
- Snowpeas (Never tried the before)
- Leeks (These I am also going to try in a freestanding pot)
- Grains (At least two kinds of wheat.  Maybe barley. Need better rabbit proofing)

I have the lemon and lime trees, which (perhaps in spite of me) have managed to make it through the summer.  And the pepper plants, so long as the weather does not turn too inclement.

Maybe not enough.  Maybe too much.  Either way, it is all a giant experiment and preparation exercise and entertaining activity wrapped up into one.

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