Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sir, Your Christianity Is Peeking Out.

I had a couple of moments yesterday where my religion peeked through.

It is interesting to me that outside of "church", I run in some groups that (generally speaking) are not terribly religious sorts of people.  Very spiritual, just not religious (and yes, there is a difference).  I do not always know the backstories - for some it was a very bad experience, for others it is because they just were never raised that way.

And it is a challenge.  One wants to be true to one's self and one's God - after all, that is reason we are here after we are saved, right? - but on the other to become hammer handed about it simply removes any ability to discuss anything later.  I always struggle to find the compromise.

I have learned a little, over time.  Most people never seem to have an objection to being prayed for - and I tell them I am, whatever their spiritual understanding may be. And over time, I have learned to listen for those subtle cues that tell one "Hey, I am not really in the mood to talk on this" - hopefully long before the stage is reached where they actually have to say that (because by that time, it is too late).  

Sometimes we talk around religion.  Sometimes we actually talk about religion.  And sometimes we talk about nothing that has anything to do with religion.

I should think that there are those that disagree with my approach - in fact, I know that there are some that do.  Perhaps I am misguided - after all, there are those that believe that if are not actively confronting them (in their face) with the Gospel, you are not following The Great Commission.

But I will be honest:  I do not see Christ acting that way (except, interestingly enough, with the Conservatives and Liberals of the Jewish Order), nor do I see that in the Apostles.  What I do see is a conversation - yes, a declaration but a conversation as well.  And an example of living like Christ, not talking about living like Christ.

I prayed today for those that needed it, whether or not they asked.  I let them know  I was doing it.  Not sure if it makes a real difference temporally.  But I like to believe it does.


  1. A famous Christian once said, "Witness all the time; use words if you must." It's as much (if not more) about what we do, as what we say.

    1. Because there is nothing more disruptive than preaching the Gospel and then acting like the Devil...

  2. I would have to agree with you. My hubby is one of those people that does not like 'to be preached to'. (Yes, I realize I probably should not have married him; but I believe we were put together for a reason, 42 years ago.) So, I thank God privately and aloud for him to hear.

    While I don't remember the show specifically now, I thank the 700 club, also. I watch occasionally and one day they mentioned some specifics, that I knew meant that God was talking to me. It will be okay.

    Be safe. God bless you and yours.

    1. I have had those moments as well Linda - not often, but just enough to occasionally remind me not to lose heart.

      I have hearts changed after 40 years and more. All is possible with God.

  3. Anonymous4:37 PM

    I understand. I got saved a few months ago, at age 49. The in your face approach never did anything for me.

    Praying shows that we have faith in God. I pray because I believe that the Father hears my prayers, that is very comforting to me.


    1. So first of all, what wonderful news Jeff! Welcome to our (slightly dysfunctional) Christian family, which always seems to fall short of our Master.

      That said, I appreciate your feedback. I have believed for a long time that for many, that was the case. And God does hear our prayers - it is a great comfort to me as well.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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