Monday, August 31, 2015

Two Kinds of People

(Hat Tip:  American Viking)

There are two kinds of people in our lives.

The first kind of people are those that are with us.  They come and go in our lives.  Perhaps they help us, perhaps them harm us slightly.  But they hardly challenge us to be better or different - instead, they have us fit into the agendas of their lives.  We fill particular wants or needs within their existences and so a careful and perhaps unconscious game begins in our lives with them, a game in which they neither excessively encourage nor inspire us to change but work to maintain us in their status quo such that we are always doing what they need us to do.  In some cases, they would prefer that we tried nothing new or challenging - or at least very small challenges or changes, carefully controlled and not threatening to the larger status quo.

The other kind of people are those that challenge us.  They may come and go but I tend to doubt that they ever truly disappear from our lives - like calls to like.  These are the ones who seek to make us that best of ourselves that we can be.  We have no agendas into which to fit in their lives; instead, their agenda is to as much of their lives as they can, to challenge themselves to be the very best of themselves that they can be.  Interestingly, they do not just hold this to themselves; instead, they seek to spread it amongst those that are around them.

So many cannot or will not hear, are happy to simply live a life within the status quo of themselves and very others.  But few, a very few, hear the higher call and take the offer extended to them by those that seek to raise them up to the best of themselves that they can be.

Find this people.  Seek them out.  Spend time with them.  Exchange thoughts.  Encourage them.  Let them encourage you.

And you will find that it will change your life.


  1. I guess my problem is that many who want to challenge may need killin though :)

    1. Well, not that kind of challenge Preppy. More of the intellectual lifting you up to a better you kind..


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