Friday, August 14, 2015

Gone Throwing

Today I leave for a weekend of throwing.

Well, really a two days of helping and a day of throwing, plus set up and break down.  My reward for this endeavor?  Heat, sweat, a floor to sleep on, a ride to and from, water, snacks, and a shirt suitable for wearing.

Oh, and seeing the best group of people of the world.  And pushing the heck out of myself to try.

I am badly in need of a weekend such as this, a weekend where I can cast aside all responsibilities and all concerns and just be a guy there to help and see his friends and go and throw things.  It is a luxury almost, the luxury of  being one's self in the midst of friends being themselves to throwing and laughing and the speaking of smack.

On the other side of this, of course, I will probably be completely exhausted, bearing some sort of unusual sunburn, and creaking around all Monday morning.  But it will be totally worth it - after all, how often can a man say he has spent a weekend doing what he truly loves, and all of it for the price of a little effort.


  1. go and have an awesome time - you need it and deserve it! have lots of fun and take lots of pics - you know that there are 2 nekkid canadians that love to see the pics! sending you much love.

    i hope that you have a really good time TB! your friend,

    1. Thank Kymber! Although it did not turn out quite like I expected: I got the flu on Friday, a rather bad strain, and so spent Friday and Saturday at home. I did go throw Sunday and have a great time though. Thanks for the good thoughts - I am sure they propelled the implements a little bit farther.

      Lhiats, TB


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