Friday, August 21, 2015

On The Impacting of Ceilings

I ran into a ceiling again yesterday.

It was not a 100% surprise.  Something I had suspected for sometime.  Still, the actual impact of the reality hurts.

What does one do in such a case?  Sure, you hear the usual responses:  "Doing a fine job.  Everyone is happy with what you are doing.  It is just that...well, this is from the highest levels.  Outside experience is needed."  It still buns a bit of course - after all, the apparent reality is that the ceiling is in place and nothing that you can do will change it.

The demotivation is almost instant, of course.  It feels as if one's entire efforts are spent in trying achieve things that simply will never be.  One aims at the targets that one thinks are the targets to be aimed at, only to find that such targets are not at all what the key seems to be to advancement.  Competence in career and a sincere effort in keeping things going is not enough - it is merely assumed.

I was, as you can imagine, depressed.  And then, from a friend, this:

"Push your own agenda" was his accompanying statement.

And then, it made perfect sense.  If no-one is going to promote you, work at promoting yourself.

100% room to grow.  Not dependent on the goodwill and charity of others.

And certainly, the only ceilings one finds are the ceilings one builds one's self.


  1. Truth in this TB, going thru exactly the same myself at the moment but I am trying to adjust my mindset......

    Boss..... Sorry John you are just not ready.

    Me.......That's fine

    Boss.....Of course there will be future opportunities for you...

    Me....That's fine...

    Boss...You just to need to work harder and keep fulfilling your KPM's, BSC's etc....

    Me....That's fine

    Boss...In your free time you could show dedication by perhaps taking some relevant courses...

    Me....Well I am taking an elocution course at the moment..

    Boss...Elocution? is that relevant?

    Me..... I think so I have already learnt to say "that's fine" instead of "fuck you"......

    Ta daa

    1. John my friend - Thank you so very much, both for the out right belly laugh that gave me and your comany on this journey with me. That is exactly what it seems like sometimes. It is terribly frustrating, is it not?

  2. TB - me and jam have several lines from movies or internet memes or songs that we say to each other all of the time. one of our favourites, and of course i can't find it, was called "a mature worker" - a mature worker is one who says "great. let's get on that" when what they really mean is "eff you". similar to John's story above. i think we've all been there.

    hang in there buddy. and be a mature worker! sending much love! your friend,

    1. Thanks Kymber! My version of that is "I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to excel in my current position", but I like "mature worker" too.

      Lukas, TB

  3. Tis frustration in the truest meaning of the word....glad you enjoyed the laugh though TB


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