Wednesday, August 05, 2015

2015 Garden Update

In the constant land of learning, the garden has been a world of education this year.

As I have mentioned before (and numerous times), gardening somewhere new is also about learning what grows where.  This year has been no different but with some surprises:

- Onions:  My onions from fall planting did okay.  My spring planting, less so.  Only Fall plantings.

- Garlic:  Same as onions.  See above.

- Tomatoes:  So this year I actually got some tomatoes from one plant but both plants are infected with something.  Interestingly, the volunteer cherry tomatoes that came in the new garden section are doing great.  It suggests the location has an significant impact.

- Pumpkins:  They did well but were done by June.

- Cantaloupe:  These have really taken off in the heat.  I may actually get some fruit.

- Corn:  Same as last year: stunted stalks, small ears.  I may get enough to make up what I planted.  I wonder if planting earlier before the true heat will give a better yield?

- Beans:  I managed to beat the cutworms but then the survivors got wiped out by rabbits (I think).  Need fencing.

- Okra:  The plants never took off due to location and then were eaten down.  As last year's crop was huge, I think this is location based.

- Jalapeno:  My plant has not done well this year.  It is stunted and has very few peppers.

- Sorghum:  This did great!  Only trick is to beat the birds to the grain heads.

- Black Eyed Peas:  Once again, the crown winner of sprouting and looking green.  I planted them late but they have responded beautifully to the heat.

The outcomes have given me some thoughts going into the fall and winter, such as:

- The planting along the fence should only be grains for the winter and spring. The Sun exposure is not enough to make it worth it in the summer and watering is an issue.

- I think with proper management I could get more out of the narrow cleared area than the larger area.  I need to look at better management of the area.

Gardening:  An exercise in controlled futility with occasional successes.

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