Wednesday, April 01, 2015

All I Needed to Know in Life I Learned From Iaijutsu

1)  Your sword is most dangerous  before it is drawn.

2)  Always be ready for the unexpected.

3)  We learn forms (kata) to learn technique.  We learn application (bunkai) and variation (henka) to learn  to use technique in real life.

4)  Always use the biggest and heaviest sword you can.

5)  If the sword is too heavy, train harder.

6)  Timing and spacing are critical to success.

7)  Care for your sword as carefully as you care for yourself.

8)  Always strive to make your level  higher than it was before.

9)  Even when kneeling there are still actions that can be taken.

10)  We will never reach perfection, but we should always practice as if we could.

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