Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Quail Egg Omelet and Possibilities

So this is the outcome of two weeks of quail eggs:

This is a total of sixteen quail eggs across three quail.  So what does one do with sixteen quail eggs?  Make an omelet:

This was actually almost a full size omelet which Nighean Dhonn and I shared in half.  It was a simple omelet, filled with colby cheese and spinach. We added some strawberries and had a very delightful dinner.

The excitement to me of this is not the omelet itself - it was fairly unremarkable in terms of taste - but of the possibilities it promises.

The four items involved in this meal - quail eggs, cheese, spinach, and strawberries -are all things that are completely possible for me to produce at home.  Right now.  No need for a giant farm or huge section of land.  This is completely reproducible using the resources I have right here, right now.

It will take a lot more work, of course.  More of the yard will have to be brought into production and the quail empire expanded and improved.  I'll need to get strawberries to grow (I think it can be done).  And make lots more cheese.  But the thing can be done.

In a way, this omelet is my Proof of Concept (POC), an idea in the scientific community in which one performs experiments which prove that something is possible.  It may take a great deal more work and development, but the concept is feasible and works.

And that is what gave this the best flavor of all:  the possibility of the future.

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