Friday, April 24, 2015

Needing A New Challenge

Sometimes you reach the point where you simply need a new challenge.

It occurred to me again today as I sat through the 50+ visit from an outside company at work.  I began to make a tally of all the things that I had done over the time at the job I currently hold.  As I went through the list of activities that I had done over my time here, I realized that I have hit the point that more is not necessarily mean more challenging.

It is time to find a new challenge.

This is a theme of my life, if I honestly sit and think about it.  I am always seeking challenges - for me, it takes the form of trying new things.  I often fail at them of course - my success with cheeses is overall okay and there was the unfortunate Lemon Beer incident - but at least I am always seeking to do something new and different.  The challenge is in the doing, not always in the succeeding - I can always become better at something (and if one does not die until one becomes a Master, I will around for a very long time indeed).

If I were to stay another 10 years where I am the reality is that I would simply do more of the same.  More visits.  More review.  More documents to sign.  But always the same, in the same orbit, around the same issues.  No challenge.

The time soon approaches, I think, that new challenges will have to be discovered.


  1. Good look in the search for a new challenge TB

  2. Thanks John! Here is hoping that making the realization and the intellectual decision will start the process.


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