Monday, July 07, 2014

Day At The Ranch

It is July at the Ranch

The weather here is hot - hotter than it is at New Home, oddly enough, but there are still small portions of grass that have not turned the straw-brown of summer.  The trees still tower, mantled in their cloaks of green, creating a variegated skyline between us and the mountains similar to that you would see in any skyline. 

Some things are different of course - nothing is static even though change comes dropping slow here.  A tree shed its branch by the driveway due to internal rot which did not become visible until the branch fell, leaving a gaping hole into the tree when one drives by, view into a secret world.  One or two more fields seem to have fences where none were previously.  And there is always something new that has been added to the collection of tools or equipment to see.

But many things remain the same.  The birds still cluster back and forth on the feeder.  The young tom turkeys wander by in the evening, making their pass like a group of young toughs looking for food and excitement.  And the silence continues to overwhelm, even as is the wind gives a faint whisper through the trees.

It is good to be home.


  1. Glad you are enjoying yourself. Sounds like a lovely farm.

  2. Thanks Preppy. 90 acres of rural goodness.


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