Thursday, August 02, 2012

Instability or Boredom?

Which do I hate more:  Instability or boredom?

This is brought to forefront ever time I have to manage an audit.

One the one hand, audits do break up the boredom.  8 to 9 hours a day you are in a room, on your toes, constantly waiting for questions like "Can you explain this?" or "You don't seem to have..." or that worst of all possible words, "It looks like this is a non-conformity". 

On the other hand, audits are exhausting.  One exists constantly in  a state of heightened awareness, trying to end run questions before they arise, constantly dreading the words "nonconformity" or "observation".  Yes, you may not be responsible for it, but somehow it always seems to come back to you.

Then there's the going back after they've left to prepare for the next day, perhaps prepare answers in hopes that they will change their mind, and attend to the work that has had to go wanting over the last period of days while you performed the audit.

So the days are instable - but exciting.  On the other hand, most of my days are relatively stable - but boring.

Which one do I really hate more?

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