Monday, August 13, 2012


"Many of us want God to speak to us and give us an assignment.  However, we are not interested in making any major adjustments in our lives.  Biblically, this is impossible.  Every time God spoke to people in the Scripture about something He wanted them to do through them, major adjustments were necessary.  They had to adjust their lives to God.  Once the adjustments were made, God accomplished His purposes through those He called." - Henry Blackaby, Experiencing God

What is God calling on me to adjust?

I've written off and on about feeling like I'm coming up against walls in my life, of pressing against the edge but not ever really able to break through.  Maybe it's time to ask the question:  can I not break through because I'm not willing to change, to make an adjustment?

That's a dangerous thing, of course.  When God takes change, He seldom discusses minor changes.  It's always for a purpose of course, and always to ultimately help us do His will better and glorify Him more, but they still are generally major sorts of changes.

What kind of change?  This is the part that I always stumble on.  I always tend to think of it in terms of things I have to give up or not do. But that's not the totality of change.  Change can be attitudes and directions as well.  It can be the giving up of things that are not physical:  dreams, goals, passions.

I dread the discussion, of course.  I've managed to create a comfortable sense of myself over the years.  Sure, it's not everything I could want and everything I might desire, but I'm comfortable - or at least, I've come to accept where I am.

But that is precisely where God does not want us.  He doesn't want us comfortable with ourselves, He wants us relying on Him, glorifying Him, doing those things that without His involvement would be impossible (thereby giving Him to glory).  Comfortable with ourselves and our lives tends to breed reliance on ourselves and allowing our world to be bounded by our own goals and dreams.  God calls us to more.

The question is, are we - am I - willing to make the changes?

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